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Little Round Still (Wadena, MN) is situated in the heart of potato producing farms and world class white oak. Unlike other craft distilleries (or large ones for that matter), we control our own destiny by having those resources in house. This advantage has positive implications on quality. Little Round Still will enter the market powered by a bold and fresh story our clients are seeking.

Our Minnesota grains receive only fresh water and loving care during its entire growth cycle. We then take our clean and bold philosophy right into the distillery, using a truly small batch approach. We grind the grain and then ferment using only fresh, filtered water. Once fermented, we filter the grains and press the leftovers to MAXIMIZE yield and MINIMIZE waste. This is incredibly unique and critical to lessening our impact on wastewater disposal and the environment. Our artisan approach to making our premium spirits ensure a bold and unique flavor profile for our discerning customers.
The result? Little Round Still Vodka, Spiced Rum, White Rum, Oak Rum and Whiskey drinkers taste the true flavor of Minnesota’s best.  Little Round Still brings the rich and savory quality to the table in liquid form as never before, giving bartenders, chefs, and adults everywhere a great new way to explore and express themselves.

Little Round Still is part of a new wave of craft spirits hitting the drinks industry as consumers continue to shift away from mass-produced brands towards products made with craftsmanship. In Minnesota, we will look to replicate the explosive success of craft brewing, by bringing a sense of "local" to our brand. For our export and local markets, we will drive home the emotional attachment our consumers have to Minnesota's rich heritage of woods and water.
While having a distinct high-quality product is important, the story is equally important. The two founding owners met at the stave sawmill, had a common interest in Bourbon and oak. A close friendship quickly developed while dreaming of one day producing a world-class bourbon and HAVING FUN. Our story is unique...it started with wood.

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